What is Whispin?

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Krakus is a desert planet inhabited by a small number of races that are geneticially capable of surviving the intense heat, low humidity and heavy gravity. Two moons (1 water, 1 rock) are in orbit around it. The surface is mostly sand and rock of a reddish-gold hue. Krakus is located within a binary star system, in the Omegrion Galaxy and is a sister-planet to Whispin.
The two stars and the planet form the points of an equilateral triangle. This type of system is very stable, the two stars are always 60 degrees apart in the sky of the planet. In this system, the planet is said to be at the L5 point, where the "L" stands for Lagrangian point, after the French mathematician who first figured this out. The planet and the red sun orbit the yellow sun, Krakus is held in the steady gravitational pull of both.

More information can be found in the Krakus Glossary and Codex.