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Kingdom: The Island of Inligh

The Changeling homeland exists everywhere, in all time.. There are a few overlaps, which means several separate possibilities. Doubles in alternate dimension.
Protected by a heavy sea that flows with the consistency of mercury, the Isle itself is off limits to outsiders, and those of darkness would find instant death when exposed to the blinding light it consists of.
The structures are crystalline in nature, sporting hues of blue and gold. The palace itself is set high on a cliff off the shore. The land itself is surreal, filled with odd creatures and tricks of the light.
The sky is laden with planets, seeming so close that you could reach up and touch them. Each offers a pathway to a different world... a different time.
The Kingdom is ruled over by King Hezlar Khor, his progeny include his eldest, a daughter by the name of Ranara Lar Khor and his son Chezlar Khor. Each member of the Lar family line are marked with eyes of liquid gold essence that cannot be changed, no matter the form.

No one can access the Isle unless they are Changeling, or carry part of a Changeling with them.
(E.G Chezlar's wife Marion wore a pendant at her throat made of Chez's essence, it allowed her free access to Inligh)

More information can be found at the Mythos Library under Inligh and Beyond