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Birth - Corin: Marked by Golden Tear of the Weeper
Tossed through portal with General Tagger when Corin dissappeared.
Year One - Jungle: Taken to live among the Amazons
21 - Village: Apprenticed to Slade as a Blacksmith
30 - Meets Reece Nightfall
- Nearly raped by Gunther, kills him
- Marked with Amazon tattoo of first kill, the mark of the Amazon warrior
- journeys with Reece Nightfall as a Mercenary in training
150 - Meets Tserisa the Velvetwing Dragon
300 - Captain of the Pirate Ship Buckaneer for 50 yrs
400 - Underworld (spends 100 years with the DROW)
500 - Becomes an assassion for the Sargasso Guild
700- Weepers Keep: Sent to study the art of magic with Arminiea
- Meets Tallin face to face
- Death of Reece Nightfall
750 - Weepers Keep: Achieves the Crystal Circlet
800 - The Journey Home
800 - Meets Galain Alcarin
- the two travel to S'Hea, meet B'Rodyn D'Riel
- Bring Corin back
- An'Thaya and B'Rodyn bring Y'Roden out of Tenobrous
820 - spends 40 years in Corin at parents request(learns how to rule)
1633 - Galain's Tear
2299 Carpe Noctem
- Galain Vamped, rejects An'Thaya
- An'Thaya bonds to Elyen Ilander
- An'Thaya blood bound to Vampyre Galain
- attempts suicide after raped by Rauldac
- Embraced by Galain
- Murdered by Rose Keep
2300 - An'Thaya Resurrected
- Meets Railen Rossevirin
- Elyen in Sith Temple
- Meets Shadow Silverleaf
- Elyen tries to kill An'Thaya
- Thaya finds out she is pregnant
- Nirnaeth
2301 - Shadow becomes An'Thaya's Ad'Vere
Stone of Awakening
- Remembers her relationship with Galain
- Helps rescue Galain from Saya Nalhrin
Thorns of Hope
- Taken by Tallin, convinced she is his wife
- Rescued by Elyen and Galain
- Anelain is born
2533 - Journey of the Heart
2534 - Kusanar Tanaii
2895 - Meets Jaiden Alasse
- Develops feelings for Railen
2899 White Darkness
- Elyen taken by Saya
- An'Thaya rebonds to Galain
- Elyen tries to kill An'Thaya
- Galain attempts to kill Railen of An'Thaya
- Elyen stabs Thaya with energy weapon and she nearly kills him
- Galain kills Elyen
- Bonds with Mystical
2900 - An'Thaya marries Galain
- Arminiea marks them with Dragon Tattoos
- Tysane and Galain Jr Concieved (only know about Tysane)
- Bonds with Jaiden
2901 - Tysane dies
Galain Jr taken by Tallin
Tay and Galain unaware of Galain Jr's existance
3000 - Soul Impression
- Twins are born (Gloraelin and Culaelin)
3050 - Menelanna born
- Tay Marries Jaiden
- Eos born
3118 - Makilnar born
3250 - Vanyalin born
3500 CrossOver
- Goes to Alcarinque for Delanna's funeral and attempts to save Summerlin from Gareth
- Taken captive and raped by Gareth/thinks Galain is dead
- Given to Avathar, tortured and raped by him
- Agaruloki created when Avathar tried to force a child on her
- Given to Iavan and sent back to Alcarinque
3501 - reunited with Galain
- Almost leaves him when she finds out he bonded to Ghetsuhm
3600 Fragments
- Tay, Shadow and Galain captured by Railen
- Railen kills Tay and drinks her blood
- Tay ressurrected by Gwyn
- light bond to Shady when Tay brings her back to herself
3626 - Bonds to Adarin Alcarin
3627- Twins with Adarin Concieved
- Meets Callan Blackthorn
- Twins born
3631 - Shattered Web
- Agaru bonds to Callan
- Callan saves An'Thaya in Tenobrous
- Tay brings them both back to Nenlante
- Soul is damaged when she release's Callans
- Realizes she is dying slowly and there is no stopping it
- Tay gives herself to Haldanuru in trade for Fionna
- Brought out much later by Chezlar

3634 >The Midsummer's Ball - An'Thaya's affair with Callan
- all her bonds are broken
- nearly dies, Agaru takes Tay to the Keep and Mira attempts to heal her soul
- Callan Forces a bond during the process and their souls fuse
- accepts Callan as her Soulmate
- relationships with Galain, Mystical and Adarin end
- rebonds to Jaiden
3634 - Returns to Nenlante while Y'Roden goes to Terra(Earth) in search of Silverthorn and Linnis
3635 - Laer Sa'Dar
- attacked by Erinya
3636 - Engagement to Callan Blackthorn
- Marries Callan
- Cal'Lanth concieved
3637 Destruction of a Sane Mind
- Cal'Lanth Born
- Callan and An'Thaya adopt Robin Silverleaf
3638 Sorched Earth - Sickness in S'Hean land strikes An'Thaya down
- twins concieved
- Jaiden Alasse dies
- Tyrel (Galain Jr) discovered at Rakka Keep, returns with rescue party
- Tay contacts Galain and sends Tyrel to Alcarinque with him
- Tay nearly dies
- Galain attempts to kill Callan when the Emperor goes insane
- Twins are born
3640 Seed of Wrath/Hell's Fire
- Rilya dies
- Tay and Callan agree to foster Ro and Ghet's twins if they are not 'normal'
- Tay finally goes back to Alcarinque and faces Adarin and Galain
3642 The Cracked Mirror
- An'Thaya and Callan stay in Nenlante to help Ghet with the Demon Elf
- An'Thaya hands Samara's Amulet over to Callan
- Goes to alternate dimension with Ghet, Callan et al to save Y'Roden
3644 The Cracked Mirror
- Prophetic Dream of The Storm
- Heads to Nenlante to discuss with Ro and Ghet
- Helps open the casket when An'Telya, Y'Ardyn and Valin 'Awaken'.
3646 The Awakening
- Callan and An'Thaya lost in the timestream when attempting to stop Tallin from altering time
- stuck on the planet Krakus for two thousand years
- Rescued by Yarwin and returned to the present about six months after they were lost.
5646 Winds of Change
- Attempts to keep Callan from losing his horizon
- Callan almost attacks his own Granddaughter, prevented by Daemon, calmed by An'Thaya
- Laura reveals that Altorian has been ressurected in the Underrealm
5647 Blood Trade
- An'Thaya's Daughter Eos and several Amazons taken captive by Slave Traders
- An'Thaya, Ghet and several otehrs track them down, rescue Eos
- Find Shalia in a Corinian port, she has been raped and dishonoured, An'Thaya helps her commit suicide
5650 Dogs of War
- Altorian unleashed on Arlsyn
- Kin'Oth flights dispatched to fight him
5653 Game Changers