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Callan Blackthorn, An'Thaya's husband and Soulmate. The two share a soul that is nearly completely fused, what one knows the other knows as well. Their relationship is full of flame and chaos, based on passion and fire and a mutual sense of respect. Callan is the love of Tay's life.
An'Thaya and Ghetsuhm's relationship suffered a severe blow when An'Thaya left Galain for Callan. Over time, and especially since Ghetsuhm's divorce from Galain and marriage to Y'Roden, the two women have managed to repair their relationship. This probably has a great deal to do with Callan as well, who shares a close friendship with Ghet and Y'Roden both.
Shadow Silverleaf is An'Thaya's Ad'Vere, the Amazon equivilant of a sister. The two have had a fast friendship for well over a millenia, and Tay is one of the rare few to have seen Shadow's soul. They are bound through the Web and the Silverleaf Tapestry.
Galain and An'Thaya had a relationship that spanned nearly three thousand years. They were lovers, bondmates, spouses and more. When Galain took Ghet as a second wife things went to hell in a handbasket, though nearly a century passed before An'Thaya took another bondmate herself, then finally, left them both for Callan Blackthorn. She still doesn't know what to feel towards her exhusband. Hatred isn't a factor, though she is angry with herself for ever giving in to Galain at all. She feels his love for Ghet was greater than his love for her, which was hurtful on a level that is difficult for Tay to express considering the lenth of time and number of children they shared. Over time anger has faded and the two have managed to patch up a tenative friendship.
Summerlin Nightfall. Summerlin is the sister of Galain Alcarin, and she is married to An'Thaya's old friend Reece Nightfall. Tay adores Sum and the two have always been on friendly terms.
Silverthorn Badb Catha is the ex-wife of An'Thaya's brother Y'Roden. Tay respects Silverthorn and maintains a tenative frienship with her.
Mira Badb Catha is Callan Blackthorn's daughter, and therefore, An'Thaya's stepdaughter. Tay owes Mira her life, when her soul shattered it was Mira that attempted to save her, patching her soul back together, and in the end, accidently becoming the catylst of the bond between An'Thaya and Callan.
Bran Badb Catha. Tay adores Bran, as she does his wife Mira. It could be said its her fault the pair met, as she ended up adhered to them both at a Halloween party. Bran's buttons are safe from Tay these days however.
Melaina Alcarin. The daughter of Galain Alcarin, and An'Thaya's exbondmate Mystical Bellator. An'Thaya raised Mel as one of her own and loves her dearly. She was there when Mel died in Scorched Earth and still grieves the loss of her adopted daughter.
Daemonorel Ashev. Callan's hunting mate and a loyal member of his Black Guard. An'Thaya trusts Daemon, with her life, and finds him amusing. The two share a respectful friendship and a great love for Callan himself.